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Incoming SMS: Bulk SMS service IN KENYA offers standard rate dedicated incoming long code numbers (e.g. 0141-262-2915). These are available to companies wishing to receive Mobile Originating (MO) text messages for marketing and other communication purposes. Text messages sent to the long code number dedicated to your company are forwarded to the Inbox of your Bulk SMS Kenya account and can be also forwarded to an email address or URL of your choice.

How it works: A long code is assigned to your username. Incoming messages to that long code are directed into your Bulk SMS Kenya Inbox. From there, they can be forwarded to an email address of your choice or posted to a URL. It is also possible to set up an auto-response so that incoming messages are acknowledged with a response such as “Thank-you for your message, a consultant will call you shortly”.

Getting started: Bulk SMS India will normally take a day to set up the number, but this may take up to two weeks at times, depending on the networks. Once set up, you will be informed and you can then start using the incoming number. To have the incoming messages forwarded to an email address, click on ‘Email to SMS settings’ once logged into your web account, and set the reply email address.

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