Transactional SMS for Sending Out Important Updates And Alert Messages

Our cost effective and reliable transactional SMS gateway service helps our loyal customers in reaching out many people across India.

Dedicated Sender ID

Dedicated Sender ID:The concept of choosing a bulk SMS IN KENYA sender ID is easy. It is not that once you choose a bulk SMS Kenya sender ID there is nothing else to be done in that department. There are a few tips of bulk SMS Kenya that are you must keep in mind before applying for a bulk SMS service India sender ID. This will help in smooth functioning of bulk SMS Kenya . Every time someone registers with Log on, they can choose a bulk SMS service provider IN KENYA sender ID only once. You need to stick with what you decided in the beginning. Therefore, you must choose your bulk SMS Kenya  sender ID very carefully. Unless and until it is deemed very urgent, the application for changing sender ID for bulk SMS Kenya will not be entertained.

Dynamic sender ID is not a facility that is granted by few network providers. Every sender ID needs to be approved individually by the network providers before giving approval. This tactic is used to combat spam. Every account user with the API/SMPP facility has the option to dynamically change their sender ID. Since they can have multiple numbers of sender IDs, they need to get them all approved before they begin the process of bulk SMS provider IN KENYA for sending out messages. If all the sender IDs are not approved then it may happen that the messages do not get sent at all.


24 X 7 Delivery Time

24 X 7 Delivery Time: IN KENYA, bulk SMS Kenya is become an important key in business of your product or brand at fastest rate. Finding Bulk SMS options for business IN KENYA is very important step before you buy bulk SMS from bulk SMS service provider IN KENYA. We will give you the best quality of bulk SMS service India at cheapest and affordable pricing.

While doing business IN KENYA in terms of bulk SMS Kenya , the most important thing is all SMS must be delivered to the customer mobile number. It’s not important that bulk SMS should deliver to each customer instantly because in bulk SMS service IN KENYA there is always of thousands /lakhs of mobile number database. It is not possible to send lakhs of bulk SMS service IN KENYA instantly. But we provide bulk SMS service IN KENYA with instant delivery in the sense that each bulk SMS during the processing of your mobile number database will be delivery within 5 to 60 seconds with 99% success rate which means 99 bulk SMS Kenya out of 100 bulk SMS will be get delivered to customer and your product or brand will get a impression immediately.

IN KENYA, there are several rules imparted by on bulk SMS service India which limits every bulk SMS provider IN KENYA to deliver their service in limited way. Since its a business purpose, no timing limitation for sending bulk SMS service provider IN KENYA . You can send  bulk SMS Kenya 24×7 and also on DND/NCPR mobile numbers(numbers which are registered on do not disturb list).

 DND AND NON DND DELIVERY: As per the latest TRAI guidelines, now it is possible to send out messages through Transactional SMS to DND (Do not disturb)/ NDNC registered customers. Though these messages are not of promotional nature, sometimes it becomes necessary to send out alert or service messages to clients at large. The national of sending bulk SMS Kenya is soon gaing popularity IN KENYA. you can update your customer’s about any of your product and services. Our online bulk SMS Kenya panel provides instant delivery. High quality and convenient DND bulk SMS service that the user experience to a whole new level.



Instant Delivery:

While sending SMS for promotion and marketing is very common and a cheap method, but SMS services are not limited to promotions and marketing only. SMS is the best tool to communicate with the clients when the information to be passed is small (say upto 300 characters or less) for example sending Credit Card transaction alert (Transactional SMS), Registration information, pickup information (generally used by companies those who send cabs to pickup their employees), Bill payment due date etc. In all those cases you need a fast and reliable services which provide 100% up-time and instantaneous SMS delivery.

Special For Alerts:Parent alert was formed in January 2009 and specialize in helping improving communication with parents, whether you are a school, college or other voluntary organisation. To this end we have a fantastic service that allows you to communicate with parents quickly and easily via text message.

We pride ourselves on of the customer service we give, and as a small company we’re able to provide fast, effective and friendly advice to all our customers. We aim to go that step further for our customers to make their stay with us as hassle-free as possible.

Should you have any questions about the company then please free to contact us via our contact page or alternatively give us a call on 0141-262-2915. We’re always happy to chat!

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